What is PennyStock Tweets (PST)? It’s Twitter for Penny Stocks, but so much more!

Buzz Cloud

Buzz Cloud function

PST uses powerful search engines to search Twitter for tweets on Penny Stocks. It brings them all to one place. Then, PST uses an algorithm that takes into consideration the amount of times a stock is mentioned, how many different users are mentioning that stock, and how many followers those users have to measure which stocks have the greatest buzz. It then takes those stocks and puts them into its interactive Buzz Cloud, where the size of the letters of the ticker denotes how much buzz that stock is getting.

3D Sky Scraper

3D Skyscapper Function

PST also separates the stocks into price ranges and put them into groups of 100. Each stock is represented by a block, where the height of the blocks denotes the amount of buzz the stock is getting. This is displayed in the amazing 3-D Sky Scraper view.

The 3-D Sky Scraper view also displays the top $ volume and the biggest % gainers and losers for each price range. The blocks are color-coded in shades of red to green, where the color and shade represent the % gain/loss of the stock.


Plus More function

+More allows you to visit and interact with the ticker specific pages of iHub, Pink Sheets, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Finance ticker message board, Google Finance ticker message board, Google Search, YouTube, Barcharts, Stock Charts, StocksTA, The Lion ticker message Board and Stock Scores with just one click!

Top 15

Top 15 function

Top 15 shows the top 15 stocks in three different categories. Buzz, $ Volume and % Change. Investors can toggle back and forth between tabs to see the most current infromation. Trade data can be easily obtained by moving the cursor over a ticker.